The De Masi is a firm leader in the field of the technologies for the agriculture, having conquered in the years, an own slice of the world market in the sector of the harvest of the olives and the fruit. 
    Giuseppe De Masi, inventor and founder of the firm, have known how to pick up the challenge of the change and the globalization of the markets, succeeding in giving competitive answers to the question of the sector, thanks to a strong ability of innovation that has allowed to produce for the agricultural operators, a whole cars whose functionality and use, allow to relaunch the profits of the agricultural enterprises optimizing the costs of management of it. 
    The De Masi represents a today's day, an industrial reality that by now has projected in stable way its own products on the agricultural scenery to world level, being able of to produce adopting innovative technologies in the sector of the systems for the agriculture, where the greatest firms are busy in to compete for a market whose segments represent an objective of fundamental importance for the industries, both national that multinationals.